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Hullaween at Theatre Hullabaloo

During Jordan's final year at university, Theatre Hullabaloo advertised for a Halloween themed event. Jordan along with some of her university friends were given the opportunity to create some decorations for three different rooms. Together, they came up with ideas for how to dress the rooms with different decorations that they would be able to make. Some of these decorations include giant sweets, glow in the dark candles, littles monsters, hanging cobwebs and polystyrene pumpkins. They collaborated with the first year students who assisted in the making of some of the set dressing and props.

On the 25th October 2021, Jordan and her university friends travelled to Theatre Hullabaloo for the installation day and set everything up with the Programme Manager, Sarah, and the Production Manager, Ali. The first years assisted with the installation day to gain some experience.

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