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The Lady from Maxim's

A normally sober doctor awakens to find that he brought two things home from Maxim's in the night: a hangover and a lady of the evening. His wife is diverted from discovering the tart by one of her famous visitations from a popular saint. The doctor's uncle returns after a long army tour in Africa and promptly mistakes the lady from Maxim's for his nephew's wife. Uncle's immediate business is marrying off a niece to a young soldier who turns out to be the true lover of the lady from Maxim's. Everybody is invited to the ceremony at the uncle's chateau where all courses collide. The master of bedroom farce unravels the confusion happily and innocently.

During the first term of her final year at university, Jordan and her friends began designing and creating the set pieces for the performance which is currently underway. The set was designed to revolve, revealing two pieces within one stage. The performance, which is currently in the pre-production, is based in London in 1936, showing an Art Deco style which is reflected in the designs. The performance took place on the 10th and 11th February 2022.

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